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Final Film Poster

I’ve made the appropriate amendments to my film posterin accordance to my Audience Feedback! The title is now at the top, with the directors name (ME!) above it, while the actors names are at the bottom above the Billing Card. I’ve changed the image so Toby is more central and Harry is in the background, looking over his shoulder. I really like the effect this has, as it suggests a feeling of foreboding, and that Harry’s character in some way meddles with Toby’s. I’ve also added reviews by appropriate movie magazine “Empire” and “Sight & Sound”. These are obviously good star reviews, so as to promote the film!


Below are three versions of my film poster.

Film Poster #1

Film Poster #2

Film Poster #3


I showed these three posters to several members of my Target Audience, who had also seen my my rough edit of “Trapped” so they knew the story, and asked them what they thought about specific parts of the poster, such as the positioning of titles and names, the main image and the background…

  • Image: They all agreed that they preferred Toby in the centre. They weren’t as happy with how Harry was positioned over him, and thought it hid him too much. They suggested having Harry smaller and behind, which I agreed with. I thought this showed more how Tom was the main character, and Ryan was something in the shadows, mysterious and not quite obvioust what he is. I showed the posters straight off the computers, so I was able to quickly place Harry in the suggested place and everyone agreed that it looked much better. I also moved Toby up a bit, so he was more horizontally central, as my Target Audience members thought he was too far down and slightly too shadowed.
  • Titles: None of the Target Audience were happy with the names at the top of the poster, and said they would much prefer them at the bottom. They also preferred the main title “Trapped” at the top, as it stood out more.
  • Background: The majority liked the background. I few didn’t understand and didn’t like it, but the majority liked the blurred effect to suggest mystery and confusion in the narrative.
  • Tagline: The preferred the tagline to side rather than at the top of bottom.

I will now make amendments to my poster to coincide with what my Target Audience have said and suggested!!

Final Edit of “Trapped”!!

Here’s my final edit of “Trapped”!! I have taken my audience feedback into account and made the appropriate changes. It also has an actual title now, instead of just the word “title”! So there we have it, done and dusted!!

I got a few suggestions for film titles as well as my idea of “Getting Out”. I picked my favorites – “Trapped” and “The Follower” and then asked member of my audience which title they though best suited a film about schizophrenia. “Trapped” one by a large majority, and I made a Pie Chart to show the comparison between the popularity of the titles 🙂

Film Poster Ideas

After looking at other film posters and the conventions of successful posters, I have had several ideas for my own film poster!! This are all very very rough ideas, basically playing around with the layout and positioning of what need to be on the poster!! However, now I have vague ideas, I can take pictures and make rough mock ups on Photoshop before getting audience feedback as to which poster is the most successful!

Poster Idea #1

Poster Idea #1: All of my poster ideas placed the two actors names at the top. They are giving equal billing, placed at the same level in the same size font. The Billing card is placed at the bottom, as is the convention. I placed the title at the side in this version, like the title is on A Beautiful Mind poster. The directors name is above that, and the tagline is placed nearer the top. The image in this version shows the two main characters standing against a background. Tom is in the centre and foreground with Ryan to the left and more in the background. I got this idea from the Fight Club Poster, which has Brad Pitt in the foreground with Edward Norton behind him. It shows the presence of two protagonists, but also shows a distance and difference between them. The blurred background, which appears on all these poster ideas, was inspired by A Beautiful Mind poster. It shows an element of confusion and the unclear within the narrative.

Poster Idea #2

Poster Idea #2: In this version, I have moved the Title, Tagline and Directors name to nearer the bottom of the poster, above the Billing Card. The image is also different. This poster shows closeup shots of the two characters, just their heads. Tom is facing the camera while Ryans face faces towards the right and covers part of his face. This idea came from the film poster for The Soloist. It represents that Toms character may be hiding slightly behind Ryans, and because of them looking opposite ways again shows their difference. This poster still has the blurred background. 

Poster Idea #3

Poster Idea #3: This idea is very similar to my first idea. The Title and Director name have been moved to the bottom. This means there is more room for the tagline, and it can feel a bit more central next to the image. The image is the same as the image for my first poster idea. This was really just

Audience Feedback

I’ve made a few alterations to my film, and I showed the version below to 11 members of my target audience. I then gave them a questionnaire to fill in after seeing the film…

1. What do you think of the titles? Does the font and colour work? Which font and colour would work better?

The response to this question was fairly equal. 5 of my target audience said they liked them and that they worked well. However, 6 responses had criticisms of the titles. The main point was the white background. People thought it was a bit too bright and the titles looked too stark against them. It seems that the majority would prefer a darker background. The font and colour of fonts were on the majority liked though.


2. Do you like the fade transition at 1.26? Does it work or does it not?

I got 100% positive feedback for this question!! I was worried it was a bit cheesy, but my audience seemed to really like it, so it shall stay!


3. I intend to change the ending. Do you have any thoughts on how it could be changed and what within the scene is not working?

I did get some positive responses to this, several people thought the endiong worked fine. However, the majority seemed to agree something wasn’t working and had several suggestions. The most common suggestion seemed to be that the mirror part wasn’t working. I therefore am thinking of taking this part out, and maybe ending the film at Ryan saying well done. There were a couple of other suggestions that would involve more filming, which I don’t have time for. And there were also a couple of very unhelpful answers of “umm….”!!


4. Currently, do you thnk there should be music over the end, or do you prefer it without music?

7 out of the 11 audience members I asked said they preferred it without music, as it is now. Their opinion was that it increased the tension and made it more dramatic. 3 thought it did music, and 1 said it should have music but it’d have to be the right kind. As the majority said agreed with there being no music, no music there shall be!! I prefer it this way too.


5. At the end, did you understand what had happened and what the film was about?

The majority of my audience did understand what had happened!! Not all of them had worked out Tom was schizophrenic, but they did all get that Ryan wasn’t real or that Tom was suffering from some form of mental illness. Only 2 people seemed to have no idea what had happened at the end. I was quite worried that the key element of the narrative was not obviousenough and people wouldn’t get it, but the fact that 9 out of 11 members of my target audience understood it has restored faith to me though 🙂


6. Do you have any ideas of what the title should be? What do you think of the title “Getting Out”?

Most of my audience gave a positive response to the title “Getting Out”. There were also quite  few ideas given. There were several that involved the word “trapped”. I’ve picked my three favorite – “Getting Out”, “Trapped” and “The Follower” – and intend to ask members of my audience feedback which one they prefer for a film about schizophrenia.


7. Overall, is there anything especially you like, especially dislike or would change? Any additional comments.

I got several really positive comments in response to this question. All of members of my target audience seemed to like it, and several made specific comments about certian scenes. Some of these included…

  • “Loved the awkward tension scene in the lounge, very well done.”
  • “The acting is very good. Interesting twist. Very clever.”
  • “I especially like the ending and wouldn’t change it.”
  • “I liked the scene in the house.”
  • “Good transitions between shots.”

 I will use the responses to these questions to alter my film and review certain parts of it that were not as successful.

More Soundtrack!!

I spent a very funny last lesson today recording more Soundtrack!!

I listened to James’ song with the film on Monday, and I decided it doesn’t work, even though the song is awesome!! Thankfully, I know many talented people, and my friend Zak Macro is amazingly wonderful and agreed to help me out! 😀

I have decided, partly due to time constrictions, that I’m not going to have any music over the end. I think that at this point I should just let the action speak for itself, and I think unless I get the music just right, it would be better without. I do still need music for the beginning though!! I want the opening to be misleading, with an upbeat, happy song, so the audience are hopefully tricked into thinking this is a happy “buddy” film of some kind, not a serious drama addressing a mental illness. Zak’s song is ubpeat and pretty darn catchy actually! The sound again sounds good, but I think I may just speed it up a little bit, just so it has a slightly quicker tempo and doesn’t drag. But I’m really happy with it. Thanks Zak!! 🙂

Film Poster Research

I’ve looked at 3 examples of films posters that are relevant to my film.

A Beautiful Mind

I chose the poster for A Beautiful Mind because the film had a big influence on my own short film. The poster follows all the usual conventions of a film poster.

  • TITLE: The title is the largest writing in the poster and is also in a colour that stands out from the image on the poster. This means the audiences eye is drawn to it. It is also in a font that helps represents the time period the film is set in – a conservative, old fashioned simple font.
  • NAMES: The lead actors name is the second biggest font on the poster, and is situated above the film title. It is in the same eye catching font, as Russell Crowe is a well known famous actor, and thus serves as a selling point for the film. There are several supporting cast members, but only Ed Harris’ name appears on the poster. It is in smaller lettering than Russell Crowe’s but is still clear to see. This is because he is the best know out of the supporting cast, even though he is not necessarily the most important, and thus serves as another selling point. The directors name is directly above the title in a smaller font. This is because although the director is important, he is not successful enough to be a selling point of the film.
  • IMAGE: The foreground image is a large image of Russell Crowe’s character. This portrays Russell Crowe as the star of the film, and thus further selling it on that principle. The blurred background represents part of the actual narrative. We can see a man in the background, but blurring shows that there is an element of confusion and unknowing in the narrative.
  • TAGLINE: The tagline is not in a font that immediately jumps out at the audience. However, it does stand out form the background and is easily seen when the poster is being properly looked at. It serves to reveal a bit more about the actual film. “He saw the world in a way no one could have imagined” suggests an element of fantasy because of the use of imagine. The use of the word “no one” also points to at an element of loneliness, as in he is isolated because no one else can see or understand what he sees

My favorite thing about this poster has to be the image. I think the use of a clear foreground of the main character and a blurred background is really effective. It suggests confusion and misunderstanding, and I really want to get this across in my film poster too. I am therefore going to try and use the blurred background in my poster!

Fight Club

Many people in my class, including my teachers, have compared my film to Fight Club. I am currently through watching it and can see similarities, so I that’s why I chose to analyse the poster!

  • TITLE: The title is displayed on a piece of soap. This nods to an element of the narrative of the film. It is in a large, blunt font, portraying a very masculine feeling. The title and soap are both a very bright pink colour, which draws away from the more neutral colours of the rest of the poster.
  • NAMES: The actors names appear at the top of the poster. They are given equal billing, so they are at the same level in he same size font. The actors surnames are in a larger font than their forenames. This because actors are usually recognised more by their surnames. There are numerous Edwards in the movie industry, but the surnames Pitt and Norton are far more recognisable. The directors name is in a larger font than usual. This is because he is quite a well known director, and so serves as a selling point for the film. All the names are in another blunt font type, and the lettering has also been made to look distressed. This represents the messiness and grit of the film.
  • IMAGE: The image shows the two lead male protagonists of the film. Brad Pitts character is in the foreground while Edward Nortons in placed in the background. This represents how Brad Pitt in the dominate figure in the relationship. He is holding the piece of soap that displays the films titlem which indicates that the soap is a key part of the narrative, as it is being held by one of the lead characters.
  • TAGLINE: The tagline is in another blunt font. All this fonts, in capitals, show a masculine and edgy feel to the film. The tagline “Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.” is blunt and to the point, and adds to the edgy feeling of the poster and film. At the same time is gives a hint of fun to the film, through the use of the words Mischief and Mayhem. Mischief especially is quite a childish word, which indicates that at least in the characters eyes whatever they are doing is funny. The word soap appears random but works with the image. Together they further the idea of soap being a possibly random but still key element of the plot.

This poster is useful to me because it protrays two male protagonists instead of just one, which is what Iwant to do. I like how it makes one seem more important that the other, especially considering Brad Pitts character is the one that’s not actually real. It shows how Edwards Nortons character let himself get taken over by someone he made up in his head.

I have two ancillary tasks, the first is a film poster promoting my short film. There are many conventions I have to follow to make sure I have a really good poster! I’ve done a bit of annotating on the poster for Saving Private Ryan below, just pointing out everything that should be on a good film poster!! 🙂

My brother was home this weekend (whoop whoop!) so I nabbed a dictorphone from school and recorded it on Saturday night. It sounds really good, my brother’s so cool!!! Anyway, I’m really happy with how it sounds, but I am concerned that it doesn’t really fit with what I wanted it to. The end isn’t exactly how I set it out to be so it would fit with the music, and in an unmean way, the music just isn’t happy enough!! The idea for the end was to have a really happy, upbeat song playing, to contrast with the action taking place. This idea was influenced by a scene from Trainspotting where Lou Reeds “A Perfect Day” plays while Ewan McGregors character is actually nearly dieing from a heroin overdose. Not really a perfect day! However, I think for this kind of an idea to really work I’d need just the right song, and I’m afraid I just don’t think James’ is it 😦 I am going to put it on and see how it looks with the footage, but I’m not sure it’s work.