Because I had already recieved feedback from my teacher, I first made these improvements before showing my target audience the review

Teacher Feedback

  • 6/10
  • Lots of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Verdict doesn’t make sense
  • Get rid of ellipsis at the end

I made these alterations, which were really just gramatical errors, and then showed the review to several members of my target audience. They read my review and pointed out a couple more speeling errors! Overall they were really pleased with it. They liked the layout, and all agreed that they found it appealling and would probably read the review. They also said that reading the review inspired them to see the film. The one criticism they had was they would like to see a star rating of the film, as a way to quickly see the quality of the film. I have therefore given “Trapped” a four star rating (don’t want to me too generous) at the end of the review!