Teacher Feedback

  • 4/10
  • Change Fonts
  • Alter Background
  • Better Images

I took new pictures of the two lead characters over the weekend, with them wearing black shirts, and took the picture against a black background. I planned to make my background black, so taking the picture against a black background meant that there would not be a lighter outline on the images of Toby and Harry. Once I had changed the images and background, it looked a lot better, and it was decided that the fonts looked much better now they were on a different background, as they stood out much more. I also decided to put a quote from my magazine review on the poster instead of two star ratings. This makes the poster a bit more interesting, and also provides a link the review. I am a lot happier with the poster, I think the background works much better and the images are a much better quality. I especially like the unfocused effect on Harry, as it makes him look mysterious and makes Toby stand out more.