Teacher Feedback

  • 28/40
  • Change scrolling titles effect
  • Background noise sometimes too loud
  • Range of shot types, well framed – could have more variety e.g. during conversations
  • Plot needs to move faster, to include more

Unfortunately most of these improvments were impossible to do in the given amount of time of 4 days. To incorporate a wider variety of shots I would have had to refilm several scenes, including the cafe scene. The same would have probably had to be done to make the plot move faster, after rescripting parts of the story. It was simply impossible for me to make these alterations and I didn’t have time. I did try to change the sound levels on some of the worst shots for background noise, which were mainly in the cafe scene. The main thing I changed were the end credits. The scrolling effect seemed to take too long to get through all the credits and were quite boring. Instead of this, I now have credits that just appear and dissappear, so as to get through them a bit faster.