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Final Cut of “Trapped”

Teacher Feedback

  • 28/40
  • Change scrolling titles effect
  • Background noise sometimes too loud
  • Range of shot types, well framed – could have more variety e.g. during conversations
  • Plot needs to move faster, to include more

Unfortunately most of these improvments were impossible to do in the given amount of time of 4 days. To incorporate a wider variety of shots I would have had to refilm several scenes, including the cafe scene. The same would have probably had to be done to make the plot move faster, after rescripting parts of the story. It was simply impossible for me to make these alterations and I didn’t have time. I did try to change the sound levels on some of the worst shots for background noise, which were mainly in the cafe scene. The main thing I changed were the end credits. The scrolling effect seemed to take too long to get through all the credits and were quite boring. Instead of this, I now have credits that just appear and dissappear, so as to get through them a bit faster.

 Teacher Feedback

  • 4/10
  • Change Fonts
  • Alter Background
  • Better Images

I took new pictures of the two lead characters over the weekend, with them wearing black shirts, and took the picture against a black background. I planned to make my background black, so taking the picture against a black background meant that there would not be a lighter outline on the images of Toby and Harry. Once I had changed the images and background, it looked a lot better, and it was decided that the fonts looked much better now they were on a different background, as they stood out much more. I also decided to put a quote from my magazine review on the poster instead of two star ratings. This makes the poster a bit more interesting, and also provides a link the review. I am a lot happier with the poster, I think the background works much better and the images are a much better quality. I especially like the unfocused effect on Harry, as it makes him look mysterious and makes Toby stand out more.

Because I had already recieved feedback from my teacher, I first made these improvements before showing my target audience the review

Teacher Feedback

  • 6/10
  • Lots of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Verdict doesn’t make sense
  • Get rid of ellipsis at the end

I made these alterations, which were really just gramatical errors, and then showed the review to several members of my target audience. They read my review and pointed out a couple more speeling errors! Overall they were really pleased with it. They liked the layout, and all agreed that they found it appealling and would probably read the review. They also said that reading the review inspired them to see the film. The one criticism they had was they would like to see a star rating of the film, as a way to quickly see the quality of the film. I have therefore given “Trapped” a four star rating (don’t want to me too generous) at the end of the review!

Happy New Year!!!!! 😀

So I got back to school on Thursday, and on Friday I got feedback from all 3 of my tasks from my teacher with provisional marks. There weren’t quite as good as I’d have hoped for, so therefore I have spent the last few days making improvements that were possible in the time. I now have all 3 tasks completely finished and done, with improvements made!! 🙂