My second Ancillary Task is to design and write a review for my short film. There are many different movie and media magazine today, that use different writing and styles to review films. I need to choose one a magazine to have me review in that will appeal to members of my Target Audience and is suitable for “Trapped”.

Sight & Sound 

  • Sight & Sound Review of “Bounce”
  • Information: There is a a very long and comprehensive
  • list of the Cast & Crew of the film, seen on the left side of review. It literally includes every single person involved, from the director to the animal trainers! I think this is a bit too detailed for a simple film review. Plus I wouldn’t have enought cast & crew to make a list this long!!
  • Synopsis: “Sight & Sound” give the entire plot in a smaller section before going on to actually review the film. Therefore if you are reading this before you see the film, the film is totally ruined for you, as they tell the reader the end. I think this is rather bad and not appropriate for a film review, something a cinema reader reads before going to see the film to see if it’s good or not, not what will happen in the film!
  • Review: The review follows the synopsis. The review is quite detailed and uses technical and comples language throughout. The author refers back to and cross references with the cast and crews previous work when reviewing the film, comparing good and bad points.

Overall, “Sight & Sound” provides what I feel is an over detailed review of the film, with more informatin than is neccasary to know when reviewing the film on release in a cinema or on DVD. “Sight & Sound” is generally a higher-brow magazine which discusses media forms in a serious and technical way. I think technical language is very important and should be used, but I think it is a bit too serious and too detailed to appeal to members of my Target Audience


  • Information: The information given in “Empire” magazine is a lot less comprehensive and detailed. It gives a few

    Empire review of "Another Year"

    major details, such as the director, main cast and certifaction. It is given in a small box at the beginning of the review on the left. It’s cast and crew list is no where near as detailed as “Sight & Sound”, and I think this would work better for my target audience.

  • Synopsis: “Empire” gives a brief plot outline if the film before the review, not giving any major details away about the film. I think this is a much better way to have it, as it still gives you an idea of the film without giving away the whole plot. Therefore, the reader still has an insentive to go and see the film.
  • Review: The review uses less technical language that “Sight & Sound” and is less serious. However, it is still a detailed review that talks about technical aspects of the film and talks of other works and successes by the cast and crew. I think this less serious, slightly comical tone will be more appealing to my target audience, and it is more likley they will read it.

Overall, “Empire” is definately the less intellectual magazine and review of the two. It is more casual and comical than “Sight & Sound” and is generally less detailed in its film details. It is not a “dumbed down” review though, there is still extensive film knowledge shown in the review. I think an “Empire” styles review would be much better suited for my film, as it is likely to be more appealing to my target audience.