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Just a little update on what I did in todays lesson.

I talked to my teacher about the problem I was having with the shots being stretched during playback. We couldn’t figure it out, but he said not to worry and hopefully it’ll be ok when it’s exported and everything, so fingers crossed!

I also finished editing the cafe scene. I had started editing some of this before the reshooting process. I didn’t encounter too many problems when editng (yay). The biggest thing was that when I started filming the cafe was pretty quiet, but by the end of filming it had got quite a bit busier. This meant the background noise was fine when I had filmed Tom’s parts, but when I got round to filming Georgia’s side of the conversation there was a little too much background noise :/ I was rather worried about it, but thankfully the talking bits were ok, and the noisiest bits were parts where there was no dialogue, so I just got some ambience noise from other shots and put that underneath. So all is good 🙂



So today we all got organised!! With only 3 weeks left until the end of term (ARGH!!) we’ve all still got a lot to do. We were all given a timetable for the next three weeks on which to plan everything! I’ve literally put my whole life on there for the next three weeks: work, other subjects, free time and of course Media and what I’m going to do when. It is also colour coded!! 😀 I think this timetable is going to be really helpful over the next three weeks!


Sooo, I remembered a few things today…

Firstly, I need a soundtrack!!!! I had totally forgotten about this!! I have my brother inline for the song for the ending, he’s an awesome guitarist and singer, and fortunately for me unsigned!! However, my uno problemo is that he lives in Coventry. I therefore need to arrange for him to come down or for me to go up (rather not!!) so I can record the track! My plan for the opening sequence is to have an instrumental soundtrack over the top…. so I’d better get composing!! I’m going to compose something on GarageBand, something upbeat that matches the action, which is Tom walking around town and the titles!

The second thing I remembered was that I have two ancillary task to do as well as my short film!! I’ll be honest, I’ve gotten so into the whole filming and production of my short film I had totally forgotten I had these tasks to do!! There are a choice of three and I have to pick two. The choices are…

  • A film poster for my short film
  • A radio trailer for my short film
  • A magazine review of my short film

I produced a radio show in GCSE Media, but to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it that much. Therefore I’m going to do the film poster and the magazine review. I’m actually really looking forward to do these tasks, as it means I’ll be able to use Photoshop, a programme I’m not very familiar with but want to get to know better. I also have subcription to Empire Magazine, and read the reviews every month. I’m looking forward to being able to write a review myself! 🙂

I did some more editing in my free today. I’ve now edited the second scene I refilmed, where Tom and Ryan sit on the bench and talk. There was a bit of car noise in the background, but luckily I filmed it more than once and I managed to edit it together so the background noise stayed consistent all the way through. I used the volume control (Figure 1) to help me do this. Using it I could make certain shot louder or quieter while the rest remained the same, so the volume was leveled out.

Figure 1

One problem I did find was that for some reason the shots stretched when they were put onto the sequence. When opened in the first window (on the left in Figure 2) then the shots were normally proportioned and looked fine. However, one I transferred the shots onto the sequence and played the back in the second window (right in Figure 2) the shots seemed to stretch upwards. I don’t know why they’ve done this, and unfortunately none of the teachers were around, but I will make sure I ask one of them to see if we can sort it out next lesson!

Figure 2


I spent todays lesson editing my new footage from Sunday! I’ve been ill, so I didn’t get it uploaded until yesterday and started editing today. It’s going well! By the end of the lesson I had finished the meeting scene and done the transition into the next scene (the talking scene where they sit on the bench). The first scene ends with them walking away from the camera and the next starts with them walking towards the camera. I’ve put a fade transition into it so the two shots fade into each other. I think this makes the transition a lot smoother than if it was just a straight cut, but I can’t decide whether I think it’s a bit cheesy or not!! Once I’ve edited more of the film I’m going to show it to a few members of my target audience and one of the questions will be “Is this cheesy?!”

Reflections on Reshooting

So today was filming day… And it went really well!! 🙂

There were a few little problems, mainly the fact that we were all ill!! I have a cold, Toby’s been ill for a week with man flu (so a cold) and Harry was shattered from doing German coursework and had a really bad headache. We persevered though!!

We filmed the meeting scene first. We shot it in the same location, but I changed the beginning slightly in the essence that Tom walks from a different direction and he collides with Ryan in a different place. It wasn’t much, but it did somehow make it better; it was more open and not as inclosed as it was before and generally looks better. I also spent a lot of time trying to get the camera in exactly the right place so the I liked the angle of the shot of the two characters individually. This would have taken less time if I hadn’t had to be standing in the middle of a road and cars kept coming past!!! When I was editing before there was something about the angle that I really hated, it just didn’t look right and I think there were to different angles used on each. This meant the two shots didn’t work together well when editing between them. I’m much happier with the new angles 🙂

After we finished filming that scene we walked down towards KEGS and it started raining. Luckily it wasn’t torrential downpour or anything that drastic, but it was a tad annoying! We filmed the shot with them sitting on the bench. I’m so glad I decided to film it this way instead of trying to track them walking. I think that without access to a dolly or anything like that, a tracking shot was never really going to work. Filming a still shot of them sitting down works so much better!

And that’s all my filming done!! There shouldn’t be anything else that needs refilming, and even if there is I’m not sure my actors mums will let me have them for anymore filming! They’re not best pleased at me for taking their sons away from their coursework and making them film in the rain when they’re ill :/ Oh well, this is it now, now it’s editing all the way!! 🙂

Plans update

Just a quick update about reshooting plans….

There is no skateboard now 😦 Georgia’s brother informed us that it was apparently broken moving a pool table. Anyhoo, I’m not too bothered to be honest, as the idea of having them sitting down talking had begun to grow on me more and more, and I’m quite happy to film it like that.

This has led me to think of where I’m going to film. I’m going to keep the location for the meeting scene the same, round the back of the cinema. There is a bench near my school that I think I’ll use for the scene where they will now be sitting while they chat.

Reshooting Plans!!

I will have a camera on Sunday!!!!! YAY!!!

That takes a massive stress off of me! My actors are still OK for Sunday too, so Sunday will be the day that I spend Reshooting!! There are two scenes that definitely need reshooting:

  • The meeting scene
  • The street talking scene

This scenes both need refilming because they’re not good enough to use in my final production for different reasons, and will need to be refilmed using different techniques and methods.

Meeting Scene

  • Meaning no disrespect to my actors, I’m not happy with the acting in this scene. I’m not sure what it is, I think it just seems very wooden and forced. It is meant to be awkward and slightly uncomfortable, but for some reason it doesn’t really come across in that way, more “we’re acting but we don’t really know what we’re doing”. This could be down to my directing and not telling them what to do enough, I’m in no way blaming them! I think the way to sort it out will be for them to read the script more (they are more familiar with it now anyway, which will hopefully come across) and for me to direct more. I need to let them know in more detail what I really want.
  • Another factor I don’t like about this scene is the angle of the shot of Ryan. He’s too near the bottom of the shot, and it makes him look small and undermined. I’m not overly pleased with the angle of Tom either. At the moment it is almost directly infront of him, so he is talking just to the left of camera. I think it would work better if the shot was taken from the side more, it would be less direct and a bit more casual.
  • The match on action shot where they bump into each other isn’t working. It’s obvious that harry was just standing there waiting to be bumped into. He needs to be walking in the other direction so they really do knock into each other.  At the moment, when they first knock into each other looks pretty realistic and good, but then the shot changes to another angle as they knock into each other and recover. It is very obvious that it is a total different bump and it just doesn’t work. That should be fine to redo though, I just need to make sure they knock into each other in the same way with the same amount of impact!
  • This scene was the one that was originally on a bus. i’ve decided that I’m not going to attempt to do it on a bus due to time restrictions and other reasons of practicality. Therefore it will take place in the street.

Street Talking Scene

  • As I have mentioned several times, the cinematography for this scene is so shaky!!! I’ve been talking to my friend Faye who did Media GCSE, and she suggested putting the tripod and camera onto something with wheels. We decided on a skateboard!! My friend Georgia (the same one who played Georgia in my film!) has a skateboard she says I can use, but unfortunately I won’t get it until Friday. Therefore I will do some test runs with it on Saturday. I reckon that we’d have to film somewhere with a smooth floor surface otherwise it won’t make it much better! This could be hard to find, but I do have a back up plan!! The most important bit about this scene is the dialogue, as this foreshadows what happens in the cafe later on in the film. Therefore I think this scene would still work if they were sitting down instead of walking. There are plenty of benches and places to sit around Bury, and it would be simple to film a linking shot of them walking from the scene where they meet to sitting on a bench. Infact, I think this might actually work better, as the change between the two scenes at the moment is rather blunt and doesn’t flow very well, whereas this way may make it flow more.
  • That’s the biggest thing wrong with this shot, the acting is good and everything else is fine 🙂

So that’s what I’m doing on Sunday!! Hopefully it’ll all go fine….

Reshooting Fail

Ok, so reshooting did not happen on Saturday :/

We did put aside a bit of time to do reshooting, but Toby had to go get the coat he wears in the film off someone, and then I lost Harry, and then I had to go pick up something form my friend! Basically it was one thing after another and we had 20 minutes before Toby had to go 😦 By then I decided there wasn’t much point in starting to refilm anything, and it was at this point that I realised I really had no clue how I was going to refilm anything!! It was a major error on my part, and I have realised that this week I need to plan out everything much more and think about what needs refilming, where and how! I’ve arranged with actors that they’re prepared to give up their whole Sunday next week to film (because they are lovely people!!) as long as I can get a camera, so fingers crossed there’s one free!!


I missed Mondays lesson as I was in London performing at the Royal Albert Hall!!! I know it has no relevance to my media, but it was sooo amazing!!!!

Anyhoo, so in todays lesson I edited some more and sussed out what needs refilming at the weekend. There are two main scenes that need refilming; the scene where they meet and the scene where they talk as they walk down the street. The first scene – where they meet – was the one that I had to change on the day of shooting because of the lack of buses. I’m not sure whether I like it how it is, just meeting in the street, or whether I want to try filming it on a bus and seeing how it goes. I honestly don’t think I’ll have enough time on Saturday to film on a bus if we do get a chance to film at all, so I think I’ll go with still having the scene take place in the street. The second scene is the scene where the camera is really shaky and just not acceptable to use. I’m not sure how to make it so I can use a different method to film that won’t be as shaky and unstable as me walking backwards! This is the main food for thought leading up to refilming 🙂