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“That’s a wrap”

So today was my last day of filming!!!! It’s all done and dusted! Well, at least hopefully, I’m sure they’ll be a bit of reshooting to be done, but this is all the initial stuff done 🙂

I had to change a scene that was originally meant to take place on a bus. This is because we discovered there were very few buses on Sundays, and I had to be somewhere by a certain time, so we changed it and made it just happen in the street. I think it still works, once I’ve edited it I’ll be abke to decide, and if needs be we can always reshoot it on a bus. That definately taught me to be more organised though!! I am usually very organised, but I never really thought about how few buses there are on Sundays! But I have learnt for next time, and for if I do decide to reshoot it on a bus 🙂


More filming…

So did a little more filming today! Wen around Toby’s after rehearsals with Harry and Sally in tow and filmed all the stuff at the house. It all went pretty well, we had a few issues with noise as two of Toby’s friends were round and kept making a bit too much noise in the background, but they were lovely and were quiet when we asked them!

The biggest thing was making sure you couldn’t see my reflection in the windows!!! We did at night, so it was dark and you can see your reflection in the window. I think we’re ok in most of them, but I’m sure thinking back they’ll probably be a few cameos of me in the filming :/ hopefully, it won’t be too bad and we can work around it.

I changed the end shot, because I discovered a mirror on Toby’s room, and thought I’d put it to good use 🙂 I really like how I did the ending now, I think it’s a bit more effective than before. Only one more day of filming left and it will hopefully all be done!! 🙂

Start of Filming!!

I started filming today!!! Very exciting, also slightly stressing as well lol!

I film the cafe and street scenes today. It was an early start (not as early as it should have been though, as basically everyone was late!) and we started filming in The Lounge in Bury at about 9.30. I’d asked their permission the day before, so they knew we were going to film in there. We nabbed a table at the back and got to work. It all went well, we had to wait sometimes, as there was too much background noise when the coffee machine was on! Other than that it all went fine until it started getting a bit later and more people started coming in, making the background a bit too loud. My actors are prepared to come into school and do some dubbing if needs be, so it should be fine 🙂

We then had a bit of a break and lunch before going to St John’s Street to film the street scene where Ryan and Tom are talking. This went fine, I was slightly worried that the camera would be too shaky, as I had to walk backwards while they acted, but I think it’s ok 🙂

Production Schedule

Below is my Production Schedule. This is majorly helpful, as it tells me what needs to be filmed when and where, what people I need for the filming and also any props or other information needed. It a really useful thing to use when organising shooting 🙂

I have finally finished my Storyboard and Animatic!!!!!!!! My Storyboard is a staggering 106 shots long (!!) the longest I’ve ever done! Each shot is numbered with and with the right details on 🙂

Once I’d finished my Storyboard, I was able to make my Animatic. This basically involves taking a picture of each individual shot and putting them together to form a kind of film. By importing it into iMovie, I could adjust the timings for each shot to match what I’d written, and then see how it all looks together. It’s really helpful to see an idea of what my final film will resemble. I was also able import sound onto IMovie, so I recorded the dialogue for each character and put it onto my Animatic. I did not add the music, as I have yet to compose the opening bit and I still haven’t found an appropriate song for the ending.

Other than that though, my Animatic is an example of what my short film will look like once it is filmed and edited. The finished product is below….


I have finally finished my script!! It’s all done, the storyline is perfected and I am now ready to start storyboarding! By doing a storyboard I’ll have a shot by shot guide to what I have to film where and how. I’ll also make my animatic out of my storyboard so I have an actual working version of what my final edited piece should look like. First I have to draw out every shot and describe certain information about the shot, including….

  • a description of the action
  • the shot type
  • the sound in the shot
  • the edit type
  • the camera movement
  • the timing of each shot

My project is a 5 minute short film, so there are going to be a lot of shots!!

Changes to Cast

While writing the script, I have made some alterations to the characters and cast. The three existing characters remain, played by the same actors, but I have added another main character. Georgia will act as a love interest for Tom’s character. She will be played by Georgia Forde, who is my friend from LMA, and acts regularly. Her point in the story is to mislead the audience about the reason for the film. I want them to believe the story is about Tom’s relationship with


Georgia and Ryan, so when the end is revealed it will hopefully be more shocking.  There is also a supporting character in the form of Georgia’s friend. I added this silent part in because I thought it would look more natural if Georgia had a friend with her. This part will be played by Julia Drake.

Location Research

Figure 1

Although I’m having a few problems creative wise with the first part of the film, I thought

Figure 2

that as I had the end down, I’d start doing some research for locations. As I was writing it, the house I pictured in my head looked remarkebly like Toby’s! So I went over there and took a few pictures of the parts of the house I hope to be using…

This is Toby’s house! Pretty big really. All the filming will be done inside the house, but I thought I’d just include a little pic of what it’s like from the outside 🙂

Figure 3

Kitchen (Figures 2&3) Tom’s mum, Sarah, will be standing at the sink cleaning or

Figure 4

something when Tom arrives home. Tom will be standing at the door talking to her across the room. When he turns to go, the shot of his face will be from the kind of dirrection as shown in Figure 4. It will possibly be from the other direction, and more of a high angle and close up. 

The other shots will be filmed in his room. Sarah will enter through the door as seen in Figure 5.

Figure 5


Figure 6

Tom will be on his bed on his laptop or doing something of the sort. Figure 6 shows the set up of his bed and bedside table, wher Sarah will place the water and pills.

Figure 7 shows the angle of the shot that will be used when Sarah leaves the room, unknowingly passing  Ryan.

And that’s pretty much it for the end of the film location wise!  🙂

Figure 7

A Little Audience Research

I’ve scripted the second half of my short film and I know exactly what’s going to happen. However, I’m having a bit of trouble with the first half. I know that I want it to be like a buddy movie, upbeat and fun, so as to be misleading and give the serious and surprising ending more impact. I’m not sure what to have my two characters doing in the first bit though, so I did some audience research and asked people my age, mainly male, what kind of thing they do in town and what they’d expect to see in a buddy movie, not telling them what would actually happen until afterwards. Some of the stuff they came up with was really good, while other things wouldn’t work as well because of certain factors. This is what they came up with:

  • Road Trip: The first person I asked said he’d expect to see some kind of Road Trip. While I really like the idea of this, my two actors are unfortunately under 17. They therefore don’t have driving licenses or cars, so it would be difficult to film. Although I could use my car, they wouldn’t be able to actually drive it, so the shots would look unrealistic and amateur.
  • Drinking: The same person also said they’d expect them to go to a pub or something drinking. As I have already said, my actors are under 17, and so can’t legally drink either. It could be done by talking to the landlord and them drinking coke instead of beer, but I think this might highlight the fact that my actors are a bit younger than the characters they are playing. I do like the idea of them sitting down and talking though, so I am thinking of having them having a drink at a coffee shop or cafe instead. This also incorporates another suggestion someone said, which was to see them talking.
  • Cinema: This was one of my first ideas as well, as I always go to the cinema with my friends, but I quickly realised that this would not work within the narrative. One of the characters is not in fact real; he is purely a creation of Tom’s imagination. It would therefore not work for them to go to the cinema, as how would they get the tickets?!
  • Bus Trip: I thought this idea of going on a bus trip was a bit silly, but it has influenced the opening of my film, as I now have them meeting on a bus, or maybe a train, instead of town.
  • Shopping: One of the people I talked to said that they would go shopping when they were in town with their friends. I’m not sure it’d work to have my characters walking around shopping though, as I don’t think I’d be able to script it well enough to pull it off.

So overall, I got quite a few ideas and have considered them all for whether they would work in the narrative or not, and also whether they were physically doable. I have developed ideas from the suggestions of drinking, talking and bus trip 🙂